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Your Trusted Consulting and Development Partner in Telecom fields.

Your Trusted Telecom Consulting and UC Services Partner.
At Eligitel, innovation meets opportunity in the dynamic world of the telecom industry. We are passionate about creating businesses that thrive on the cusp of cutting-edge technology, regulatory compliance, and market demands. Embrace the future of telecom with us, as we forge a path that harmonizes innovation, regulation, and business excellence.

GTM Support

Telecom Compliance and GTM support - Japan

We have deep insight with long and deep experience in regulatory compliance and policy-making with UC, Telecom, and Internet fields. We are unlocking the Japanese market and the APAC region with our comprehensive support in strategic planning, Telecom Licensing, regulatory compliance, and GTM execution.

International Business Support

International Business support

Seamlessly expand your business internationally with the help of our diverse team members.

Engineering Support

Engineering support

From electric facilities deployments to education and engineering activities, we provide expert assistance based on Japan's Professional Engineers Act.

Global Telecom Operator, entering Japan Market:

"We successfully navigated Japanese telecom regulations and unlocked the potential of the Japan market. Eligitel's regulatory strategy and technical expertise were crucial to our success."

A Japanese Telecom Operator

"With Eligitel's advice, we obtained the necessary licenses and overcame complex telecom business regulations. Their insights were invaluable."

An AI Company from US, to design electric receiving facility

"Eligitel supported us in building a power circuit for our high-density computing system, enabling us to run smoothly in major drug chain stores."

Meet the Team

Eligitel Inc.

Company Reg. #



CEO, Founder

Industry group


2-18, Shimoyunagaya, Joban, Iwaki-city, 972-8317 Fukushima, Japan


Koji Yasukagawa

Japan Unified Communication Provider Association - JUSA

Japan Internet Provider Association - JAIPA

​Information Security policy

情報技術の発展とネットワークの拡大に伴い、昨今の度重なるセキュリティ事件は社会問題化しています。 株式会社Eligitel(以下、当社という)は取り扱う全ての情報資産を保護することは当社の事業活動において最も重要な経営課題と認識し、社会とお客様の信頼に応えるために、ここに「情報セキュリティ基本方針」を定め、これを実施します。

  1. [情報セキュリティ方針]当社は、情報資産に対して適切な安全対策を実施し情報資産を保護します。当社は、このために必要な物理的・技術的対策や、役員および従業員に対する教育など必要な対策を計画し、実施します。

  2. [目標]当社は、情報資産の機密性、完全性及び可用性が損なわれることがないように、重要情報の盗難・紛失・改ざん・き損等の事故の発生件数をゼロとすることを目標とします。

  3. [情報セキュリティマネジメントシステムの継続的改善]当社は、情報資産の取り扱いを確実なものとするため、情報セキュリティマネジメントシステムの継続的な改善に努めます。

  4. [リスクの継続的評価]当社は、継続的に、適切なリスクアセスメントを実施すると共に、それらリスクに応じた保護の対策を行うことでお客様の情報資産を保護します。

  5. [法令等への準拠]当社は、情報セキュリティに関する法令およびそれらに準じる規範を遵守します。





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