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A Japanese consulting company with significant expertise and experience within Telecom and IT industries.


What we offer - We offer business creation in the telecom industry getting into Japan Market or another global market.  We stand in the middle of Technology, Regulation, and businesses. 

Telecom GTM support - Japan

We support your strategic plan building related to GTM with regulatory compliance, Regulatory assessment, and support to the GTM execution in the APAC region. 

International Business support

Our diverse team member supports your international business expansion

Engineering support

Supporting Electric facilities deployments, education, and Engineering activities based on the Professional Engineers Act in Japan. 

Foreign Telecom Operator, to Japan Market in

"We got to know how adopt to the Japanese telecom regulation to unlock our business and get into Japan market. Regulatory strategy with technical behavior and business model is the key"

A Japanese Telecom Operator

"We finally obtained the nesessary lisence after we get advises. We can say many operator can't comprehend all of telecom business regulation and related law"

An AI Company from US, to design electric receiving facility

“We got supported how to build power cuircuit to run high density computing system which reqiure huge electrical power. It has been running in a biggest drug chain stores"

Meet the Team


2-18, Shimoyunagaya-machi, Joban, Iwaki-city, Fukushima, 972-8317, Japan


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